1600: An Ambrosian Gift to the Holy Land

Some of you may have seen this posting by Zachary Thomas on the LAJ Facebook page coming from the holdings of the Terra Sancta Museum. but I wanted to share them here on the site proper as well. (These are also being cross-posted at the same time over on NLM incidentally since Gregory and I were both interested in publishing them.) Here is what Zachary notes about them:
For the jubilee year of 1600, Milan sent the Holy Sepulchre a complete set for solemn Lenten masses, including two folded chasubles. Made of very deep indigo cut velvet, silk, silver-gilt thread, and gold braid, in the spaces between the acanthus are the 14 symbols of the Passion, the Arma Christi (Christ’s arms). The Jerusalem Cross is featured throughout. 
Here's a look at some of the pieces. 

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