New Vestment Work: French Style Roman Set from Luzar Vestments

We have commented here before that while individually commissioned vestments are extremely important in the realm of the liturgical arts, there is also a place for 'off the rack' type of vestments -- by which I simply mean standard stock offerings that are available for reasonably quick purchase. While such vestments are understandably more conservative in their approach -- both to keep costs down and for the broadest possible appeal -- they should nonetheless be beautiful and qualitative in both their form and design.

Recently Luzar Vestments sent us some information on just such an offering they are making available. Here is what they have to say about it:
This is a ‘Roman’ style Low Mass set made in a green damask with contrasting orphreys in green/gold brocade, outlined with gold wavy bullion braid. As a centre-piece on the back of the chasuble, there is a hand embroidered sunburst motif of the Pious Pelican. We have sometimes used old motifs we have ‘rescued’ and restored from old vestments, but this particular motif is a brand new one we have had made for this vestment.

We use various patterns of Roman vestments. This particular pattern is slightly narrower and longer than some, with the front more ‘cut-away’, somewhat more towards a 19th century French shape of vestment. The cross orphrey on the back is in the style seen on many 19th century French vestments, with a slightly decorative cross form. I always consider the pieces which go with a Chasuble to be of equal importance. Most vestments we make are with all 5 pieces (Chasuble, Stole, Maniple, Chalice Veil & Burse), so that they can be used for both the ordinary and the extraordinary form of Mass. The pieces in this set are again made towards the French shape, with spade ends to the Stole & Maniple, and a slightly narrower Burse than some. These are all finished with wavy gold bullion braid all round. The set is lined in green glazed cotton throughout.
Here are some images of the set that Luzar has provided.

As noted above, this pattern utilizes a classic French style form of the Latin cross with a  sunburst motif.  The brocade used within the cross adds some nice visual interest and the base green damask is really quite appealing I think.

The traditional pelican symbol with the sunburst design is what really sets this chasuble apart from usual stock type offerings. 
Stole and Maniple
Chalice Veil and Burse
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