Mitra Pretiosa by Eugenio Alzas Bordador

Today I wished to show you some work by Eugenio Alzas Bordador who is located in Mexico.  From what I so far understand, he is only starting to do this work in the area of vestments and as such he does not yet even have a website for his ecclesiastical work -- though that is being remedied he tells me. Still, I wanted to give you a taste of the sort of work he is capable of and if you wish to look him up, you can at least contact him via Facebook.

This particular item is a precious mitre of course,  one that depicts the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The colours and textures are superb. I don't believe a great deal of commentary will be necessary.

These next details give you a better sense of the textures of the mitre, which are truly spectacular.

Finally, as I often like to do, here are a couple of views of the work in progress:

LAJ is looking forward to bring you more information about Mr. Alzas Bordador's work in the future.

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