Arte Ricami: Purveyors of Custom Vestments

We are living in an impressive age of liturgical Renaissance, when many lay people are mastering or remastering the art of artisanal vestment making. The Italian atelier Arte Ricami based in Tuscany has been around since 1932. They are a family owned and operated business located in the ancient Medieval village of Fosdinovo, very close to Carrara. The current owner is Benedetta, who is continuing the tradition of hand-made and embroidered vestments that are made-to-order.  

Benedetta is making a name for herself by offering some resurrected traditional materials and cuts at a reasonable price. She specializes not only in vestments, but also in custom made altar linens. Each tailor has their own unique style and Benedetta is growing her portfolio. These vestments are beautiful and are available in all liturgical colors. Visitors are welcome to make an appointment to see her showroom in Italy. 

Arte Ricami's philosophy of vestment making is expressed by Benedetta on her business website (my translation):

"Following the ancient tradition of the Church, we create priestly chasubles with hand embroidery in half-fine gold thread and gold tinsel. Our designers reinterpret and experiment with ancient motifs, always developing new and even personalized designs upon customer request. Subsequently the designs are then transferred onto the fabric and embroidered by hand. Hand embroidery turns chasubles into true works of art, considered by our customers as part of that wealth of tradition and history that they wish to leave as a legacy to the Church of future generations."

Following are a few samples of past work produced in her shop showcasing a wide variety of materials, brocades, damasks and silks woven in Italian fabric mills. I encourage readers to get in touch with Benedetta and place and order or two. We are pleased to support and promote those artists who are doing fine work and making a real effort to contribute to an authentic renewal of liturgical arts. Tradition rises from the ashes. 


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