A Renaissance Era Cope of the Later 1500's or Early 1600's Featuring St. Antony of the Desert

Today I wished to share yet another spectacular cope coming from the late renaissance period.  The green fabric comes in one of the popular design motif's of the period called "cammino." Cammino is characterized by its horizontal arrangement of designs that utilize flower petals (corollas) that contain pinecones, pomegrantes or thistles, in this instance set into an arabesque pattern of repeating forms and scrolls.

True to the tastes of the period in question, this particular cope also includes a number of embroideries, including a shield (done in the Spanish / Venetian / Austrian shape) which features -- uniquely -- an image of St. Antony of the Desert (the face of whom has been painted in silk rather than embroidered as was no uncommon during this period.)

The front orphreys contain images of saints such as St. George, St. John and the Blessed Virgin.  Some of the others are difficult to make out from the resolution.

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