Introducing Regina Sanctorum: Hand-Painted Paschal Candles

When you're dealing with 'bespoke' art -- not catalogue art -- it is always important to recall that it is a good idea to plan ahead.  Original, customized liturgical art takes time to plan and execute, but of course, the end result can be much more meaningful to the local community.  In view of that, some of our readers may wish to begin to plan ahead in view of next Easter and one of the most important symbols of that period: the Paschal Candle.

There is a tradition of painting paschal candles each year with various images and symbols and, as such, artists too have sprung up around this same tradition. Two such artists are the proprietors of Regina Sanctorum, a husband wife team of Kevin and Laura O'Connor -- the latter being the primary of this particular business endeavour.  They have been producing these candles for over five years now, since 2018,

Their work draws from the illuminated manuscript tradition, utilizing a mixture of symbols and organic motifs. It is bright and colourful, sure to stand out (in a good way). Here are just a few examples of their work coming in view of the 2024 liturgical season:

Regina Sanctorum is now taking orders for their 2024 Paschal candles, so if you are interested in potentially procuring one of their works for your parish or community, you'll want to head on over to ensure they will be able to accommodate your order for the 2024 season. 

From what I see of it, they are doing fantastic work.

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