Inspired by the Ciborium: A Carved Tabernacle Covering for a Church in Texas

ALBL Oberammergau and Studio io teamed up to design and produce a ciborium and Eucharistic throne inspired covering for a tabernacle for St. Mary's Catholic Center in College Station, Texas.  The project stands almost fourteen feet in height and includes hand-carved, wooden details and a polychrome, faux marble finish for the columns.  The most prominent symbols on the piece are the Greek cross found atop the dome, and the image of the Holy Spirit. In addition to these, various other symbols and depictions are found on the piece, from the two adoring angels on the corners, to the Chi-Rho found at the apex of the arch. 

Inside the dome is a starry blue sky and along the base are various scripture verses, including most prominently, "the word was made flesh and dwelt among us" with its strong Eucharistic connotations. 

Here is a concept illustration that will give you a sense of how the this piece will be integrated with the host tabernacle.

Finally, some view of the work in progress:

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