The Art of Photographing Catholic Liturgies and Liturgical Rites

Image courtesy of Neal Abbott Film and Photography

In this current age of social media and instant news, the crucial role of Catholic photographers devoted to the sacred liturgy is forever being highlighted. They help deepen the knowledge of those who see their photos, creating their own new kind of mainstream Christian iconography and evangelization that is transmitted to the modern world. Today these photographers provide a terrific service as professional craftsmen, belonging to a sort of theoretical guild, brining an epoch-marking contribution to the sacred liturgy and how people view the rich visuals of the rites. They honor the past and inform the future. 
Image courtesy of Neal Abbott Film and Photography

I hope this post will inspire other Catholic photographers to get involved and continue the tradition of photographing Masses and sharing the images online as an authentic service of evangelization. The Internet has a long memory and these images are frequently shared, bringing many souls closer to Christ through an encounter with beauty, an actual theological category. 

Below is a list of a few photographers that come to mind that I would like to mention and thank for their important apostolate. There are others, too, with many goose-bump-raising images that grace blogs and greatly enhance articles and stories with uplifting liturgical imagery. To all these gifted photographers: thank you and keep up the fine work! You can all say in Latin Tradidi quod et accepi ("I have transmitted what I have received"). 

Neal Abbott Film and Photography 

G Photography and Films

Tracy Dunne Photography 

Lucas Richard Photography 

John Briody

Amy Proctor

Fr. Lawrence Lew, OP

Jacob Stein of Crux Stationalis


The Oratory of Saints Gregory & Augustine 

Don Elvir Tabaković, Can.Reg.

Michael Durnan

Image courtesy of don Elvir Tabakovic

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