The Chapel of the Martyrs of the Cathedral of Otranto

Ossuary chapels -- or what are sometimes more simply and popularly referred to as "bone chapels" == are always of interest to a great many of our readers and today I thought we'd share another, this time coming from Otranto, a coastal town located right on the heel of the Italian 'boot.'  The chapel in question is located within the Duomo of Otranto and commemorate the martyrs of Otranto. 

The story of the martyrs of Otranto is as follows. On August 14th in the year 1480, the Turkish Ottoman's invaded and a massacre ensued. After the dust had settled, and prior to its reconquest by the Aragonese, some of the survivors and clergy took refuse in the city's cathedral. The OIttoman's ordered them to convert, they refused, and the end result was that they were martyred for their faith (while the cathedral itself was temporarily used to stable the Ottoman's horses as a sign of contempt) and later as a mosque. 

Cathedral of Santa Maria Annunziata, Otranto

After the reconquest of Otranto from Ottoman hands, the bodies of the 813 martyrs were translated to the cathedral. Over time, these relics were distributed to various locations, but located within the chapel of the martyrs in the cathedral of Otranto are a significant portion of their remains. They were canonized in 2013. 

Here is their chapel.

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