Ordination and First Mass of Cardinal Joseph Zen of Hong Kong

Cardinal Joseph Zen of Hong Kong has shared a few precious photos of his Ordination and First Mass on social media.  Readers will recognize the Servant of God Fr. Carlo Braga, SDB in the images (known as "the Little Don Bosco of China").  Cardinal Zen was born in the Catholic city of Shanghai and was ordained priest on Feb. 11, 1961 by Cardinal Maurilio Fossati, the Archbishop of Turin, who was an outspoken opponent of Fascism.  Today Cardinal Zen is 90 years old.  He is one of the nicest and most adorable persons I have ever met.  Once I was privileged to chat with him at the catacombs in Rome while we both waited above in the sunshine as our respective groups explored the catacombs below.  Cardinal Zen always has a smile and a warm word of encouragement.  He is gifted with very refined leadership skills.  He is a saint, a "white martyr" of our modern epoch, a spiritual leader who has our immense respect and admiration.        


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