The Museo del Tesoro Lateranense (Lateran Treasury Museum)

While St. Peter's Basilica in Rome is that which is most popularly attached to the person of the Pope, the Lateran Archbasilica is, in point of fact, the actual cathedral of Rome. While that church is familiar enough to most, what many may not realize is that, located within the basilica, just behind the gift shop is the Museo del Tesoro Lateranense -- or, in other words, the treasury museum of the Lateran basilica. For the meagre cost of a few Euros people can enjoy a behind the scenes look at a small but impressive collection of liturgical objects ranging from altar cards, candlesticks and crosses to precious sacred vestments.  The museum really amounts to two hallways, but it is more than worth your while if you are interested in objects of liturgical art -- particular those which have served one of the most important churches of Christendom.

For your enjoyment, here is a quick look at some of the items you will see.

A 15th century processional cross.  Beneath it is the Lateran Chapter Macebearer's staff from the 18th century. 

Cope of Pope Boniface VIII, ca. 1250

Altar cross, candlesticks and cartegloria (altar cards) from 1837, done in the renaissance style.

Hammers, trowels used for various Jubilee years

A golden rose that was gifted by  Pope Pius XI to Queen Helen. 

The ceremonial key of the basilica (traditionally presented to the new pope upon his election)

All said, there are around 150 objects on display in the museum and it is well worth the visit. 

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