The Vesperale - Reviving a Forgotten Tradition

This is impressive - such precise measurement and skill.  Saint Martha's Guild does amazing work.  Here is a recent example from their studio in Chicago, a custom vesperale.  I have always said every altar needs one of these (it serves a very real and practical purpose, a felt cloth spread over the altar when not in use to protect the white linens).  The custom is still maintained in St. Peter's Basilica.  

The Guild leads the way and fills an important role, inspiring all who see their work.  The Guild artisans are busy with various exciting projects associated with service at the altar.  They are based at St. John Cantius parish in Chicago.  Be sure to check out their site to find inspiration.  Over the years they have helped restore many historical vestments, some originally from the Chicago World's Fair in 1893.  May God continue to bless their work!     

Nice alabaster altar, too.  Possibly Mexican onyx?  Beautiful carvings of stone.  The process of reviving hand-crafted ecclesiastical accessories only serves to enhance the beauty of our altars.  

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