A New Renaissance Style Triptych

ALBL Oberammergau in Germany recently revealed a northern Renaissance style triptych that they produced that will be used as the altarpiece for an altar designed by McCrery Architects in the United States. The triptych is comprised of relief carvings (hand carved) that have then been painted by the atelier's master painter -- the culmination of more than 1200 hours of work. The opened triptych reveals a beautiful scene of Christ being adored by the Magi and with it being the Vigil of the Nativity, and with Epiphany in sight, it seemed like an apropos time to share the work.

When closed the triptych reveals a beautiful scene of the Annunciation. 

Some details:

The work includes many beautiful details, but in particular I'd draw your attention to the details of the fabrics, such as that seen here on the mantle worn by the Angel Gabriel or in the clothing of Balthasar.

To get a sense of the scale of the piece, here is an image taken in ALBL Oberagammau's atelier showing them with their work. The triptych measures 110" x 58".

ALBL Oberammergau has, of course, done many other triptychs. To see some more of them, please visit their website and see their portfolio.

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