The Sedlec Ossuary Chapel in the Czech Republic

The Sedlec ossuary in the Czech Republic is a located beneath (fittingly I think) All Saints chapel in the Czech Republic. The chapel is located within a cemetery that was formerly part of the Cistercian abbey of Sedlec. 

Ossuary chapels -- or what are sometimes colloquially referred to as "bone chapels" -- always inspire of great deal of interest. Some see them as "macabre" but, of course, their origins lie in both the practical need of making room for the remains of the newer dead and doing something fitting with the remains of the older, and they are also rooted in the Catholic tradition of memento mori -- reminders of the four last things. 

The chapel is said to contain the visible remains of some 40,000 to 70,000  people, arranged by Frantisek Rint, a 19th century woodcarver. 

Perhaps the least seen aspect of the chapel is its exterior:

The exterior presents nothing particularly different from any other chapel, but the interior presents quite a different story:

As you can see, the remains have been arranged by Rint in a manner that is both orderly and artistic -- it is no wonder that the chapel is one of the most visited sites in the Czech Republic. 

The Schwarzenberg family arms. (Source)

The following artistic depiction shows the ossuary in relation to the chapel of All Saints above it.

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