Booklet Missals for "Latin Mass" EF Weddings

With more and more weddings celebrated in the EF, many young couples are seeking resources to aid their guests in the pew.  The wedding ceremony presents a perfect opportunity to introduce visiting Catholics (and non-Catholics alike) to the EF, with the benefit and wonder of its rich music and ceremony.  Many of these guests are completely unaware of the Latin Mass and have no experience of it.  

The best resource I know of for EF weddings is the Latin-English Booklet Missal for Praying the Traditional Mass for the Bridegroom and Bride.  This convenient softbound booklet, in glossy white cover, has been in print since the early 1990's.  

When I was married in Rome in 2011 we ordered several dozen copies and gave them out at the door as a worship aid and souvenir.  Guests were most grateful and thanked us at the reception.  The layout and size are perfect, making a legible and friendly companion to the marriage service and nuptial Mass, with a total of 52 pages.  

Below is my favorite prayer of the service, said by the priest at the end, seen below.      

The wedding vows are traditionally said just before the start of Mass.  For this reason the vows can be found at the front of the booklet.  Please note: the vows are said in English by the bride and bridegroom and not in Latin, as seen below.  During marriage prep the betrothed couple should familiarize themselves with the rite of marriage long before the day of the ceremony.  It is also helpful if they can memorize the vows beforehand.    

As a side note: bulk orders are available.  When couples order these for weddings they often run out.  This happened to us.  Be sure to order a few extra copies so that everyone on the guest list has one, including the bridal party, although their hands will be full and their thoughts may understandably be distracted with numerous details.  

The missal is published by the Coalition in Support of Ecclesia Dei.  Many thanks to them for this great service that has brought added joy to so many weddings and benefitted so many countless Catholics young and old alike.  A Spanish-Latin version is also available.    

Copies are available through the Fraternity Publications or directly from Coalition in Support of Ecclesia Dei, both with bulk discounts available for larger quantities.  Order them early and have a volunteer in the family bring them to the church and distribute them before at the church entrances.  Some parishes provide them.  They make a great souvenir to offer as a small gift from the bride and bridegroom and for many people today offer a first introduction to the theology of Christian marriage.

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