Before and After: Texas Restoration by Ecclesiastical Studios & Sons

Since 1989 Ecclesiastical Studios & Sons have been busy restoring and redecorating beautiful old church interiors across the American Midwest.  Their craftsmen employ a bevy of professional skills, including plaster restoration, architectural and decorative painting, statuary restoration, ecclesiastical design work, updating color schemes, altar refinishing and restorations and much more.  They do fine work and enjoy their jobs.

Congratulation on this recent restoration project completed on the church of St. Monica in Cameron, Texas (Diocese of Austin). The church was built in 1927-1928 and was ready for a fresh look.  The restoration brings out well some of the more outstanding interior design features.  The Palladian and Italian Romanesque styles go well together and the exterior Doric portio and Lombard Romanesque bell tower are a testament to powerful language spoken by great architecture.

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