Carthusian Nuns and the Use of the Maniple and Stole

Continuing our look at some of the vestural customs and items to be found in the Church, there is a rather unique custom for Carthusian nuns relating to the occasional use of the stole and maniple -- the latter  worn on the right arm, instead of the left as is the case with its normal usage by clerics. This was something I had shown many years ago in my NLM days, but I thought it fit to bring out again and provide a few updates to it.  The Catholic Encyclopedia explains the custom:
"The Carthusian nuns have retained the privilege of the consecration of virgins, which they have inherited from the nuns of Prébayon. The consecration, which is given four years after the vows are taken, can only be conferred by the diocesan. The rite differs but slightly from that given in the "Pontifical". The nun is invested with a crown, ring, stole and maniple, the last being worn on the right arm. These ornaments the nun only wears again on the day of her monastic jubilee, and after her death on her bier. It is a consecrated nun who sings the Epistle at the conventual Mass, though without wearing the maniple."
This privilege can be seen in this painting:

A closer look:

Another couple of images shows this usage a bit better (another similar view):

Finally, here is a look at this by way of a rare photograph on the day of a young Carthusian's profession:

The Church's tradition is indeed a rich and multi-faceted thing and we should take time to appreciate it.

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    (Testo di Papa Giovanni Paolo II)

    O graziosa Bambina,
    nella felice tua nascita
    hai rallegrato il Cielo, consolato il mondo,
    atterrito l’inferno;
    hai recato sollievo ai caduti,
    conforto ai mesti, salute ai malati,
    la gioia a tutti.
    Ti supplichiamo:
    rinasci spiritualmente in noi,
    rinnova il nostro spirito a servirti;
    riaccendi il nostro cuore ad amarti,
    fai fiorire in noi quelle virtù
    con le quali possiamo sempre più piacerti!
    O grande piccina Maria,
    sii per noi Madre,
    conforto negli affanni,
    speranza nei pericoli,
    difesa nelle tentazioni,
    salvezza nella morte!
    Bön till maria lillflickan
    (text av påven johannes paulus ii)

    Kära barn,
    I den glada din födelse
    Du hejade på himlen och tröstade världen.
    Livrädd helvetet.
    Du gav lättnad åt de fallna.
    Tröst till dystra, hälsa till sjuka människor,
    Allas glädje.
    Vi bönfaller er:
    Framträder andligt i oss,
    Förnya vår ande för att tjäna dig;
    Återuppväcka vårt hjärta att älska dig,
    Få dessa dygder att blomma i oss
    Med vilka vi i allt högre grad kan tycka om dig!
    O store lilla mary,
    Var för oss mor,
    Tröst i sorger,
    Hopp i fara,
    Försvar i frestelse,
    Frälsning i döden!
    - amen. - amen.


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