Antique Chasuble by G.F. Bodley

There isn't a lot of information available on this particular chasuble as I write this but I believe it's worth showing all the same.  The piece was apparently designed by G.F. Bodley and was made for St. Paul's, Knightsbridge. It was restored in recent years by Watts & Co. of London.

As noted in previous considerations, what sets these earlier gothic revival pieces apart from later approaches is their fuller use of ornamentation and embroidery -- rather than solely relying on the brocade of the silks and orphrey designs to make up the bulk of the ornamental qualities. This approach helps to draw them back into the medieval and renaissance tradition and makes them more comparable in their ornamental beauty to baroque examples.

Photo: Watts & Co
The embroidery on the chasuble is based upon the Opus Anglicanum tradition of worthy fame, showing the resurrected Christ surrounded by a sunburst design.

Photo: Watts & Co
Photo: Watts & Co
The angel figures hold banners which say "Gloria in Excelsis Deo" and likewise draw on the sunburst design found on the main orphrey design, thus drawing the design together.  The orphrey itself is comprised of grapes and vines set on red.

I am certain you will agree: a very fine piece of work. If any reader has any further information or photographs of the chasuble, do send them into LAJ.

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