New Vestment Work: Borromean Rose

With Gaudete Sunday coming up, it seemed like an optimal time to share a set of rosacea vestments that were sent in by a reader. Indeed, many of our readers have expressed an interest in seeing and gaining inspiration from current work in the liturgical arts today. For that reason,  LAJ is always grateful to receive submissions such as these.

The reader in question is a Franciscan religious who has been making vestments for a number of years.  His latest project was a rose Borromean set in silk damask.

The colour, you will note, is rose with orange hues. This is purposeful as our reader's stated aim was to find a shade that would be reminiscent of a sky at dawn.

Someone might think that these are perhaps too orange in hue, however, this is rather illusory. Photography is not as accurate as the human eye in terms of picking up hues. What's more, what tends to look more orange is simply the way in which the light reflects off certain parts of the damask. A better sense of the true shade can be seen by way of this detail:

As you can see, this is a very delicate but rich hue of rose. For myself, I always find I prefer these more salmon like shades of rose; there is something richer and more substantial to them, drawing as well on some of the finest tradition of baroque textiles with their interesting variety of tone and colour.

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