Missalette Notice: Benedictus - The Traditional Catholic Companion

You have asked for it and here it is.  Our good friends at Sophia Institute Press after many months of careful planning and design, have launched BENEDICTUS.  This is a monthly traditional Catholic companion for the EF that is the counterpart of MAGNIFICAT, a paperback edition that is already well known to many readers by its US edition.  Both publications are marked by their inspiring masterpieces of full-color reproductions for readers to admire and contemplate.    

The faithful now have this excellent guide at their fingertips to help unlock the treasures of the Extraordinary Form on a daily basis, including not only the Mass, but also highlights of the Office with other prayers and meditations.  Catholics can now use this new guide to follow daily Mass while learning the rhythm of prayer of EF spirituality, developing their prayer life on firm ground proven by the centuries.  Readers gain quick access with ease to all Mass readings and more, helping to form a perfect daily routine.  This is going to be big.  Join this cause and be a part of it.   

From the publisher: Benedictus is a monthly publication that serves as an indispensable daily resource for both personal and liturgical prayer.

DAILY MASS COMPANION: Pray the Traditional Latin Mass, with the 1962 Missale Romanum presented in a clear and simple format.  Continuous Latin and English text with reduced rubrics are included for Sundays (no page-jumping required), and complete Mass propers are offered in English for weekdays and feasts of each month.  

MORNING AND EVENING DEVOTIONS: Enter the broader stream of Catholic liturgy with daily excerpts included from both Lauds and Vespers of the 1960 Breviarum Romanum, the official morning and evening hours of prayer used by clergy and religious throughout the world.  

DAILY MEDITATIONS: Learn at the feet of Catholic spiritual masters each day, with devout meditations curated exclusively from saints and scholars who prayed and loved the Ancient Mass, from the Early Church to the early 1900s.  

INFORMATIVE COMMENTARY: Dive deeper into our heritage of faith through insightful mini-essays on the feasts and saints of the traditional calendar, as well as brief catecheses and ideas for extending a liturgical life into the home.  

CLASSIC PRAYER COLLECTION: Several pages of superb Catholic prayers, proven over generations of pious use.  Some are offered in Latin as well as English, to further enable and enrich personal and communal prayer in the mother tongue of the Church.  

BEAUTIFUL ARTWORK: Contemplate a masterpiece of religious art in every issue, rendered in stunning color and clarity.  Thematic works are selected to suit each month, and print subscribers receive a separable holy card with every issue.

CATHOLIC CULTURE: Foster a vibrantly Catholic culture with monthly pages of edifying prose, poetry, or music.  Enjoyable in themselves, selections are made to help cultivate a thoroughly Catholic imagination.  

Kudos to Sophia Institute Press - they are doing a bang-up job.  Many thanks to their creative editor and dedicated staff.  Their output is phenomenal and they are doing a great job building up their brand.  

We encourage everyone to subscribe to BENEDICTUS: HERE.  

Catholics all over the world are saying: "Finally!  I'm so excited.  I'm going to order this!  It's only $5.00 a month.  Pretty awesome."

FYI: Bulk prices are available and work great for parishes - up to 15% off the cover price.  

Also, donations are being accepted to help pay for this costly project, while laying the foundation and getting things off the ground with the launch.  To give, see HERE and scroll to the bottom of the page.  

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