Pontifical Sandals and Buskins Now Available from Ars Comacina

Pontifical sandals are a topic we have discussed here on LAJ before from a historical perspective, as we have also in relation to pontifical buskins, but one angle we have not specifically covered to date is the matter where you can go to get such liturgical items today.

There are, in fact, a few places that I know of that you can acquire these things, most familiarly Gammarelli's in Rome, however other liturgical artists also make these including, more recently, Ars Comacina based out of northern Italy.

They offer these pontificals in all the usual liturgical colours, made to size and in options that include silk satin, moiré silk, and lamé. They likewise offer gold or yellow trimmings to account for the matter of prelatial rank.

Here is just a small sampling of what they now have on offer.

I would encourage communities to gift a set of these to prelates who celebrate the usus antiquior in its solemn pontifical form so that they not only have them, but have them in proper sizing to them.  Local communities may also wish to investigate the possibility of purchasing one or two sets in the most common sizes and liturgical colours to have on hand for such instances as well. If we are to recover the full richness of the Latin liturgical tradition in its pontifical form, it is imperative to take matters such as these into your own hands.  It is up to you to help recover these traditions.

For more information, please visit Ars Comacina via their website or on social media.

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