Introducing Ars Comacina

Back at the beginning of July, LAJ featured some of the works of a very promising new vestment artist based out of Italy, Sacra Domus Aurea, whose focus is on hand-tailored, bespoke designs. Today, as part of our ongoing featuring of various contemporary vestment artists, we wanted to share the work of another new vestment maker, Ars Comacina.

Ars Comacina is based out of northern Italy in Como (which is near Milan) and featured here today is one of their recent works, a solemn Mass set made in a beautiful red and gold silk damask. The design, stylistically, is set within the Italian tradition. Let's take a quick look.

The wrinkles seen here are due to storage please note

Here are a couple of other views which show the silk damask a bit better:

Incidentally, Ars Comacina has become particularly well known in the north of Italy for their bespoke lacework, something LAJ intends to specifically feature within a future article.

For more information, please visit their social media site.

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